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What makes DXRacer different from ordinary chairs?

DXRacer chairs were born from genuine racing seats. We take great pride in the quality of every product we make. We design our chairs with gaming in mind, taking a passion for eSports, elevating it with racing flair and a heavy focus on ergonomics. The result: Extreme comfort, healthy gaming.

Which chair should I choose?

Once you choose the series, it's really a matter of personal taste (aesthetic--color, fabric, stitching, and features--adjustable armrests or not) within each series. The biggest thing is choosing the series for your body type, height/weight. Do you want a "fitted" race car feel (F/D/R/I/K series) or do you like a more open executive chair type of feel (M-series)? Here is a thumbnail sketch of the different series we carry...

F-Series: This is the smallest, standard chair we offer. If you are much over 5'11 - it will probably be too small for you.

R-Series: Geared towards the taller, slender body type and the density is modest

K-Series: By far the largest, widest chair we offer - Max is 300 pounds.

D-Series: This is a great chair for more cushioning. However, if you are quite broad in the shoulders, it may not be best for you because the wings on the side have a lot of paddingI-Series: Thick, but firm, padding in the seat and backrest. This is our newest series launched in March 2015.

We try not to say things along the lines of "yes, you should buy this chair" or "no, this chair wouldn't be right for you" because it's all based on personal preference. If you go to the website and click on the picture of the particular model you are interested in and scroll down, you will find helpful descriptions on what the chair has to offer. I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any further questions.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please contact us!


Мы являемся официальными партнёрами DXRacer в странах бывшего СССР

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Кресла DXRacer созданы для успешных и требовательных к комфорту

Здоровье и комфорт бесценны.